Margaret Hellerstein

Staff Attorney

Margaret joined Esperanza in 2019 as a Staff Attorney after several years in the employment-based immigration field. She primarily represents adults within Esperanza’s Direct Representation Program. Margaret is a lifelong advocate for immigrants’ rights with a background in international human rights law and mental health. Margaret received her JD from Yale Law School and subsequently accompanied Mayan genocide survivors advocating for justice and accountability in the highlands of Guatemala. While pursuing her degree, she interned at the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Cameroon and at the World Health Organization in Geneva. Margaret also conducted fact-finding missions in rural India with a nonprofit dedicated to exposing corruption and disinformation in the local government’s treatment of indigenous populations. Margaret received her BA from Brown University with a double major in Psychology and Linguistics. Prior to attending law school, she worked for a legal guardianship program in New York serving adults with severe mental illness. Margaret was born and raised in Georgia and retains a deep appreciation of Southern cuisine. She loves cats more than is healthy.