Mercedes Núñez Roldán

Director of Youth Immigration Services

Mercedes Núñez is the Director of Youth Immigration Services at Esperanza, where she leads the Executive Office of Immigration Review’s Legal Orientation Program for Custodian of Unaccompanied Minor (LOPC) for the Los Angeles Court jurisdiction, the LOPC Call Center West and the Opportunities for Youth Program. In this role, Mercedes manages and leads the development and implementation of services for unaccompanied children in removal proceedings, including a social service program to address special needs of unaccompanied children. Prior to joining Esperanza, Mercedes worked for Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services in Washington DC as a LOPC Program Coordinator. In that capacity, she oversaw the delivery of legal presentations, conducted legal screenings to released minors, and coordinated pro bono legal representation referrals.

Mercedes received her Law Degree at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and a Master of Law from American University Washington College of Law. She has had the opportunity to work for various international organizations and NGO’s. Her work at these organizations has allowed her to contribute to various advocacy and awareness raising activities in human rights and public interest law. She loves to educate, advocate, and promote social justice. Mercedes is motivated to do this work because she strongly believes that knowledge is power. She knows that our immigrant community faces unique challenges related to language barriers, limited education, culture adaptation, access to information, etc. Through her programs, Mercedes most values the opportunity to empower and ensure the success of youth immigration cases, while providing services that support their social and emotional adjustment to their new communities.