Summer of Solidarity: Legal Access for All Immigrants!  

Join Esperanza this July for our month long  Fundraising campaign for unrepresented immigrants.

Thousands of immigrants face deportation proceedings without an attorney. Yet courts expect them to know immigration law and procedure, as well as adapt to life in a new country. Since 2016, Esperanza’s Community Education Program for Unrepresented Immigrants has ensured that over 7,000 immigrants and their families did not feel alone in this process. Today we ask for your help because this vital resource is in jeopardy. By providing even a small donation, you are investing in our work to empower immigrants to defend themselves in court!  

Patricia Ortiz, Program Director of Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project

"I thank you so much, may God bless you. I feel more at peace because now I have a work permit. This is a great benefit because everywhere I go, they ask for authorization to work.       

I feel at peace knowing that I can work freely."


– Maria and her daughter participated in one of Esperanza's

work permit workshops.

Make a donation to make a difference



Provide an individual consultation for an asylum seeker

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Help a newly arrived immigrant communicate via a professional interpreter


Fund a Know your Rights presentation for unrepresented immigrant facing deportation


Fund a work permit workshop and help asylum seekers work legally in the US

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Fund an asylum clinic and help asylum seekers apply for asylum in the US

Give in any amount and make an impact on our immigrant community!

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