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Jenny Samuels

Jun 7, 2018

In this ACLU Speak Freely blog post, Jenny Samuels criticizes Jeff Sessions’s recent comments during an interview about the zero-tolerance policy and shares the stories of three women who are part of the ACLU’s class-action lawsuit challenging the policy. She says when “further questioned on the morality of detaining people seeking asylum, Sessions resorted to outright lies” as he claimed the problem is “people are not pursuing asylum in the correct way, by arriving through a U.S. port of entry.” Samuels disproves this by referencing two cases where mothers seeking asylum arrived at ports of entry, but were still separated from their children. In her post, Samuels also points out that Sessions did not mention “the government is refusing to give kids back to parents once they have served their time.” Samuels references a third case being represented by the ACLU, that of a mother who served her sentence for not entering the country at a port of entry, but was not reunited with her child until eight months later.

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