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Start your own Fundraising Campaign!
Here are some ideas to get you started, or feel free to think of your own unique campaign.

Throw a party for a cause

Whether it is a birthday party, school function or a holiday gathering, take the opportunity to raise support for a cause that is important to you.


If you need some convincing, read what Natalia has to say here.

Donations instead of gifts

Don't we all already have too many things? Consider asking your friends and family to make a donation instead of bringing gifts to your next party.

Celebrate your special day by giving the gift of hope to others!

Race Sponsorship

For your next run, bike race or other competition, ask your friends and family to sponsor each mile to benefit the most vulnerable in our immigrant communities.

Your physical activity can make a difference!

If you are looking to organize a campaign, please contact Ingrid Salazar at She will be able to give you a toolkit with helpful advice and resources, as well as answer any questions you might have.
We are excited to have you as fundraising partners and can't wait to hear your campaign stories!
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