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The Community Education Program is designed to inform immigrants about their rights and possible forms of relief. Our goal is to empower and increase success for immigrants who will represent themselves pro se in court.


Through our community education program we are able to provide assistance to released youth (and their custodians) and detained adults.


Esperanza's attorneys represent youth in immigration removal proceedings free of charge. They are also pro bono Qualified Representatives for adults detained at Adelanto Detention Center who have been deemed mentally incompetent to represent themselves.

Through the Affordable Services Program, attorneys offer a variety of services to low-income clients who cannot afford a private attorney and for whom pro bono representation is not possible.


The Pro Bono Program is dedicated to increasing access to pro bono legal services for indigent immigrants in the Los Angeles area. We work with law firms, solo practitioners, public interest organizations, law schools, colleges, and language schools.


The more we can engage our community and encourage volunteerism, the more assistance Esperanza can be to the population we serve.

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