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Pro Bono Representation

Through our Direct Representation program, Esperanza staff attorneys take on the cases of unaccompanied children (UCs). The most common forms of relief that we pursue are Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) and Asylum but we can pursue any eligible form of relief before USCIS and/or the immigration court.

Pro Bono Representation

Esperanza advocates for the rights of people detained in local immigration detention centers. Our attorneys work hard to change the system to a more humane one that empowers detained adults by seeking their release from detention and pursuing relief for those who remain detained. In addition, Esperanza represents released adults and families seeking asylum in the United States, in addition to other forms of relief. Esperanza is also a provider under the National Qualified Representative Program, where we are appointed counsel for detained adults facing removal determined unable to represent themselves.

Low Bono Representation

As part of Esperanza’s ongoing mission to represent low-income immigrants before immigration authorities and those in removal proceedings, we recently introduced the Affordable Services Program (ASP). We created this program to provide services to a segment of the community that is underserved and desperately in need of trustworthy professional legal services, at an accessible and affordable price.

For any general inquiries, please call (213) 534-7594.

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