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As soon as I knew I was going to organize a fundraiser

event, I wanted an organization that was passionate

about their work. I intended to get closer, to understand

their work, to visit the place, and to talk to them.


It wasn’t easy to find the right organization because most of them keep the contact information private; the only way to support the cause was by direct donation.


Choose Esperanza was easy because I could find everything I needed on their website. They are transparent, open to listening, and ready to give all the support.


After having the opportunity to meet Ingrid, I was sure it was going to be great. I felt the motivation to prepare a special event because I’d be doing it for the right cause.


Organizing Festa Junina was a great experience. I had to plan everything from location to marketing. I had to get volunteers; I had to cook and decorate. Even though the hard work I knew it was just a little gesture to give hope to a few families. Being able to make a change is worth all the effort.

Natalia Baldochi 

Festa Junina Campaign 2017 and 2018

FEsta junina.jpg
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