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Gary D. Brophy
Pro Bono Attorney

Why did you choose to volunteer with Esperanza?

I believe in its mission and was inspired to help others in need.

What was your experience like as a pro bono attorney for Esperanza?

Overwhelming at first trying to learn this new area of law. However, the experience was rewarding as we were able to obtain asylum for our clients.

Tell us a little bit about your client’s form of relief and claim. What was the result in the case?

Client is a single mother, who fled her home-country with her family, after being kidnapped and harmed. They presented themselves at the border seeking asylum, and were able to present their case successfully thanks to their pro bono attorney and team.

How did you feel after you received the result in your case? How did your client feel?

Thrilled, relieved, overjoyed.

What advice would you give to a lawyer considering taking a case from Esperanza?

Read the Ninth Circuit Immigration Outline cover to cover, and the Immigration Practice Court Manual.

What did you learn from your experience taking a pro bono case?

The procedural workings of the Immigration Court, and copious amounts of Immigration law.

Why is Esperanza’s mission important to you?

It aligns with my personal values to help those in need.

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