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Mysterious Girl
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Esperanza Client

Unaccompanied Minor

​ What was it like to work with Esperanza and your attorney?

I think that Esperanza is a good organization. They’ve helped me with everything, and during the entire process when I was with them, they were very good with me and with my family. I worked with Evelyn. I came to trust her and everything went well.

How did you feel when you won your case?

It was incredible. It had been less than a year and I had won my case. It was a feeling like ‘oh my God.’ When the judge said yes, and that she didn’t have any problem with [granting my case], it was incredible. The feeling is great.

What do you like most about being able to stay in the U.S.?

The culture is very interesting. I like how the U.S. is organized politically. More than anything, I like studying.

Were there any things that were surprising or strange to you?

The first thing that hits you is that there are many cultures here. I think that’s what surprised me the most. Or...Americans speaking Spanish (laughs).

Are you thinking of going to college?

Of course. I want to [study] something that has to do with math and technology. I was looking at computer science, but I want something that is a little more difficult.

What are your other dreams and goals for the future?

I want to write a book, finish high school, and graduate from college. I like to write. I’ve already started writing a book. I want to describe the perseverance of individuals when they come to the country [in relation to] the language, the culture, how I lived when I came here, my trip, and everything else.

What advice/words of wisdom would you give to other young people who are going through the immigration process?

I think that if a person truly wants to accomplish their dreams, they have to be persistent. I believe that with the help of God, they can do it. Thanks to God I could do it, and I know that any person could do it.

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