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Statement from Esperanza

Over the last four years, we have witnessed and pushed back against anti-immigrant rhetoric, malicious xenophobic policy and direct action devastating the lives of our clients and the community we serve. We have witnessed attempts to completely undermine this country’s asylum system, the use of COVID-19 as a pre-text to shut down our country’s borders to the most vulnerable immigrants fleeing persecution, as well as of a host other dangerous, anti-immigrant initiatives.


After days of waiting for the election results, a little anxiety and lots of patience, we are celebrating the functioning of our democracy and the possibility of our country coming together. We congratulate the President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Senator Kamala Harris. We are also rejoicing a historic moment in this nation’s history – the first female, Black and Asian American, daughter of immigrants, Vice President.


As an immigrant rights organization representing over 900 individuals and servicing thousands of community members each year, we are celebrating – in anticipation – the end of policies that have upended our country’s asylum and immigration systems and have caused havoc to the lives of vulnerable immigrants.


Esperanza calls on the Biden-Harris administration to take immediate action to restore humanity to our immigration system, to recognize that we are a nation of immigrants and that immigrants enrich the very fabric of our society.


No more family separation. No more kids in cages. No more Muslim ban. No more “remain in Mexico” policy.

No more ICE raids. The list goes on and on.


We are energized and ready to keep up the fight for immigrant rights, justice and due process. Our work is even more critical now! We will continue to represent indigent immigrants facing removal from the U.S. We will continue to provide critical legal information and resources. We will continue to serve children, families, other immigrants at risk of deportation. We will continue to fight for justice for those in detention.


To the whole Esperanza family – our staff, our volunteers, our attorneys, our supporters - thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder through so much. Thank you for your resilience and tenacity. Thank you for joining us to protect the most vulnerable immigrants facing removal from this country we all call home.


There is much work to be done, and now is the time to step up and lean in. Together we can make a difference inspiring hope and advancing justice.

Program Director

Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project is a public interest legal organization serving some of the most vulnerable immigrants in the Los Angeles area.

We believe that all immigrants deserve access to education and representation. We teach, defend, and empower children and adults by giving them the tools they need to navigate the complex immigration system. Because here at Esperanza, we believe that
immigrant rights are human rights.


Individuals represented by Esperanza staff, free of charge.


Legal services provided annually.


Cases placed with partner organizations or pro bono attorneys.

Mauro Fernandez 

Paralegal Manager

"The literal definition of esperanza is hope, but this organization has redefined the word for me now. Esperanza now means empowerment to me"

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