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#GivingTuesday Reminder.png
#GivingTuesday Reminder.png

It isn't too late to make an impact in 2020!

"Esperanza lived up to its name; they gave me hope after we suffered a lot... now we have a future here."

"I thank Esperanza for being by my side.....for bringing freedom, joy and value of human life "

Your donation is 100% tax deductible

Throughout December, Esperanza is continuing to focus on securing the release of detained immigrants  - and we will not rest until our clients are home with their loves ones.

Here are ways you can make a direct impact.

After months of warnings and ongoing litigation, hundreds of individuals are still being detained at the Adelanto Detention Facility. They are enduring cramped and unsanitary conditions including exposure to COVID-19. The detention center is in the midst of its second COVID-19 outbreak in recent months - a reality that underscores the urgency of our work and detainees need for help. Our team are working day and night to get as many of these individuals released, but we need your support to do more!

For general inquiries about donations, please contact Ingrid Salazar at

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